Training Events

June 2016

Saturday, June 25

Technology Integration Specialist Certificate Program begins at LMU and Online

Technology Integration Specialist Certificate...

In order to meet the growing need for technology leaders in the Catholic schools, the Technology Integration Specialist professional certificate program will...

UH - University Hall  

Tuesday, June 28

Excel: Essentials Everyone Should Know

Excel: Essentials Everyone Should Know 1:00pm

This class is intended for users who are new to Excel and want to get an overview of essential Excel skills. During the class, you will learn how to start a...

UH - University Hall, 3212  

Wednesday, June 29

Box: The Essentials

Box: The Essentials 1:00pm

Learn the 5 skills that will jump start your LMU Box experience - create new folders; add content to folders; invite people to collaborate; share files with...

UH - University Hall, 3212  

June 2016