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Web Content Management System (CMS) Training

Web Content Management System (CMS) Training 10:30am 8/8

Learn to use SiteManager, LMU's CMS. Build and update web pages, embed images and forms, take your digital game to a higher level.

Workshop: "The Writer’s Key: Bringing Your Story to Life" with Christie Havey Smith and Jen Jones Donatelli

Workshop: "The Writer’s Key: Bringing Your... 9am 8/9

Our summer workshop will help open the door into the world of your story, where perspectives can shift and clarity often arises. You'll gain useful insight...

Workshop: "Yoga, Gandhi, and Social Change" with Dr. Christopher Chapple and Dr. Veena Howard

Workshop: "Yoga, Gandhi, and Social... 1pm 8/30

In this workshop, we will examine the concept of social change in the context of world history, most notably the rise of individual freedoms for men in the...

Workshop: "Yoga and Ecology: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Ecology, Embodiment, and Self" with Chris Miller

Workshop: "Yoga and Ecology: An... 1pm 8/31

What does yoga have to say about ecology and the interaction between humans and their environments? As we find ourselves in a fragile ecological situation,...

Yoga Therapy Rx 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Yoga Therapy Rx 10 Year Anniversary Celebration 9/7

Join us for an evening of food, awards and entertainment in celebration of the 10 Year anniversary of the Yoga Therapy Rx program at the Center for Religion...

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