Burns Recreation Center Back Court

The Fritz B. Burns Recreation Center has 3 multipurpose courts. Burns Back Court is located on the second floor and is where all indoor intramural and club sports take place, as well as special events.

1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Multipurpose Facility



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Clinton Bullock

Clinton Bullock left a positive review 4/2/2019

The event was good for what it was. Ben talked about bias in mainstream media, but I also would have liked for him to talk about identity politics and free speech on campus, which directly affects much of the LMU student body. I wish for Ben to return and address those issues.

William Gish

William Gish left a positive review 3/27/2019

Truly stunning. I've seen many events at LMU in the seven years I've been a member of the community, as both a student and staff member, and this was by far the best of them. Inspired, inspiring, bold, thought-provoking, tragic, haunting, wickedly imaginative, unapologetic... all the positive phrases you can think of apply.

Leire AK

Leire AK left a review 2/20/2019

The sound was really really bad. I couldn’t hear the questions nor the answers... it was very frustrating. That made me disillusioned and disengage completely with what was being said...

Guillermo Lefranc C

Guillermo Lefranc C left a positive review 1/21/2015

Un gran ejemplo de acercamiento entre dos hombres de distintas profesiones de fe.

Burns Recreation Center Back Court

Burns Recreation Center Back Court posted a photo 5/27/2014