Monday, December 3

Stories in Ink: Works by students of ART 332 Eastern Immersion & CHIN 4998 Chinese Calligraphy

Art-making and storytelling have been one and the same form of human expression from the earliest of time. In this exhibition, traditional tools, materials,...

Touchdown in the Time of Discrimination (Ongoing Exhibition)

When sports are at the mercy of politics, how do players and coaches respond? Looking beyond our collective institutional memory, we can turn to a time in...

Visualizing Literature Student Exhibition

Exhibit space on the third level of the William H. Hannon Library will be showcasing the student work and final projects from ART 333: Visualizing Literature.

Meeting Christ in Faith & Art Show

Exhibition of art projects in visual arts, poetry, drama, dance, and film, by undergraduates exploring the many meanings of Jesus Christ in today's context...

Sincere and Emotional: Stories of Connection (Ongoing Exhibition)

A 21st century activist poster. A 16th century book on mourning. A 20th century poem jotted on a dinner menu. What do these vastly different artifacts have...

Electrical Engineering Final Presentations

Student groups will present their projects and answer audience questions. Project demonstrations will take place afterwards in the senior lab.

Reimagining Christ Exhibition

The Art Show of the course "Meeting Christ in Faith & Art" featuring work by undergraduates from multiple majors and art disciplines.

Study Abroad 101

Information sessions for Semester and Summer Study Abroad Programs. You are required to attend Study Abroad 101 as part of your application. All Study Abroad...

Monday, December 3