Friday, September 28

Faculty: Spring/Summer 2018 Deferred Grades

Last day for instructors to submit deferred grades for undergraduate students with grades of Incomplete in the Summer & Spring 2018 semesters.

Touchdown in the Time of Discrimination (Ongoing Exhibition)

When sports are at the mercy of politics, how do players and coaches respond? Looking beyond our collective institutional memory, we can turn to a time in...

Sincere and Emotional: Stories of Connection (Ongoing Exhibition)

A 21st century activist poster. A 16th century book on mourning. A 20th century poem jotted on a dinner menu. What do these vastly different artifacts have...

KaleidoLA Speaker Series 6.0: NATALIE RUSSELL, Assistant Curator of Literary Collections, The Huntington Library

“Telling My Stories: the Pioneering Fiction of Octavia E. Butler” Natalie Russell is the Assistant Curator of Literary Collections at The Huntington...

Friday, September 28