2018 CSJ Symposium: Developing Entrepreneurial Skills Among Refugees/Immigrants

In Germany, migrant entrepreneurship is far above the national average, and now seen as economic success and a job machine in all branches and skill levels. Migrant entrepreneurship training and concepts need customization to the personal situation, to turn their psycho-social experiences of the migration process into successful skills.

Since Germany took 1.2 million refugees in 2014-15 mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Africa the so-called Flüchtlingskrise (refugee crisis) is turning more and more into an economic success: stabilizing demography, SMEs asking for more migrants, and migrant entrepreneurship is far above-average and seen as a job machine. It is not anymore the 24/7 self-exploiting Asian family restaurant, migrants are entrepreneurial in all branches and skill levels. Their psycho-social stresses due the migration process can be turned into potential labor market skills. In the same as we do entrepreneurial training for many years with the underprivileged in rural areas in developing countries like India and Africa, the trainings and concepts need customization to their personal situation, e.g. their tribal language, education level and cultural values. Then the entrepreneurial ideas, standing-power and self- employment rate is above average than in traditional standardized entrepreneurship training models in our universities.

Presentation by Professor Harald Meier, Chair in International Management, Projects and Communication, University of Applied Sciences, Bonn, Germany

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Wednesday, January 24 at 9:40am to 11:10am

Hilton Center for Business, Main Auditorium
1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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