2018 CSJ Symposium: Talent Acquisition and the Tech Sector

This panel will examine the needs and challenges of talent acquisition in the technology sector and the role of a global workforce as a competitive necessity. The role and importance of immigration policies will be explored within this context.

Moderator: Assistant Professor Jeff Thies, Director, Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainability, College of Business Administration

Panelists: Christopher Soto, Founding Chief Technology Officer, Ylopo, Rowdy Sampietro, Director, Talent Acquisition, The People Department @ Beachbody, and Lida Daneshfar, Associate Attorney, Haight Law Group, PLC

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Wednesday, January 24 at 2:20pm to 3:35pm

Hilton Center for Business, Main Auditorium
1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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