Arguing Across the Curriculum

Presented By: Suzanne Lane, PhD, Director, Writing Across the Curriculum, MIT

Students usually know that they are supposed to have a “thesis” in their papers, but they often do not understand how to craft an arguable claim that they can develop with evidence, reasoning, and analysis, or how to logically structure that evidence and reasoning to support the thesis.  In class discussions, also, they often don’t understand how to develop or support claims, how to respond thoughtfully to the claims of other students, or how to use discussion, debate, or argument as a means of inquiry to deepen their understanding of an idea.  Indeed, the various kinds of arguments, claims, and evidence that students need to produce in different classes can lead to greater confusion about writing as they enter college and are required to write in many disciplines.  This workshop will address some foundational concepts in argumentation, including warrants, qualifiers, stases, and argumentation schemes, that can unify and bring order to some of the diversity that students encounter as they argue across the curriculum.  Specific focus will be placed on methods of introducing these concepts to students and integrating them into classroom discussion and writing instruction. 

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Monday, May 19, 2014 at 1:30pm to 5:00pm

Center for Teaching Excellence
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