Economics Seminar Series: Daniel Bennett

Speaker: Daniel Bennett, USC

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Dr. Bennett will be presenting:

Stigma and the Provision of Mental Health Care in India

The stigma of mental illness is pervasive in the labor and marriage markets in India. It is unclear how to address the large unmet need for mental health services in this setting, where around 20 percent of adults have depression or another mental disorder and treatment resources are scarce. This study evaluates the impact of two scalable interventions to address depression within the community. After recruiting participants with mild or moderate depression through door-to-door screening, we randomized participants to interventions offering psychiatric care or employment support. Participants who received both interventions showed the largest improvements in depression symptoms. However these health gains did not translate into improvements in labor supply, earnings, or other welfare indicators. We proceed to investigate the contribution of stigma to these patterns. Results suggest that marriage market concerns led participants from households with marriage-eligible members (over 40 percent of the sample) to curtail labor supply in order ot avoid disseminating information about their diagnosis. Results are also consistent with labor market discrimination against study participants. These findings help to clarify the role of stigma as a barrier to mental health treatment.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 1:20pm to 2:30pm

University Hall Room 4304

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