Fifth Annual Justice on Trial Film Festival: Exposing Injustice...Exploring Solutions

This Justice on Trial Film Festival is a showcase of the most compelling content in the criminal justice reform movement today. The festival speaks to the challenges of people caught up in the judicial system. Too well do they know the pain and injustice— the jail house beatings, solitary confinement, stop-and-frisk humiliations, selective prosecutions with bad plea bargains, and the unreasonably long sentences that they suffer. They are painfully familiar with the school-to-prison pipeline that puts so many young people, particularly those of color, at risk. Their voices are often unheard beyond their own communities. The film festival creates an opportunity to project their voices to a world deafened by the negative images and stereotypes by the media. Hosted by LMU by the CFA and the Communication Studies Department, this festival will expand on the work already conducted by the CMST Department on prison reform. The festival is presented by a New Way of Life, a women’s re-entry organization. 


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Sunday, September 17, 2017

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