InterSem: "Encountering the Divine: Spiritual Experiences Beyond Our Understanding"


Founded in 1971, the inter-seminary exchange program – InterSem – is a retreat experience for Los Angeles-based Jewish and Christian seminarians to build relationships by engaging in dialogue designed to increase understanding and appreciation for their respective traditions. Since its inception, InterSem has served over 3000 students.

InterSem's goal is to build relationships among emerging religious leaders by sharing experiences from their own lives about religious beliefs and practices. The program provides extensive opportunities to study biblical and liturgical texts. In addition, the participants demonstrate their own religious tradition's daily prayers, rituals, and customs in order for the entire group to gain insight about the other. InterSem provides an atmosphere of openness and trust for dozens of seminary students to gather for a unique program that has become an integral component of their seminary education.

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Monday, February 11, 2019

AJU Brandeis-Bardin Campus 1101 Peppertree Ln, Brandeis, CA 93064

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Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, Training


LMU Extension, Center for Religion and Spirituality, Martin Gang Institute for Intergroup Relations