KaleidoLA 5.0: Daryn Wakasa '05, Filmmaker and Designer

Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Daryn Wakasa’s storytelling lives in the liminal space -- between graphic design, animation and film, between gaman (keep your troubles to yourself) and NWA’s “Express Yourself”, between the spirit world and physical. Between Japanese and American. Daryn earned his B.F.A. from LMU in '05 as a multimedia major and earned his M.F.A. in graphic design from CalArts, where he also studied film directing, motion design and animation. His award winning short films, "A Lost Generation," "Girl,"  and "Seppuku" explore the American tapestry as a fourth-generation Japanese-American haunted by the internment camps. His films are spiritual “coming of age” stories where characters excavate their family’s past in order to illuminate a path forward. Like the characters in his films, Wakasa shapeshifted within the entertainment industry for over 13 years. As a creative director at companies like Elastic and Mirada (co-founded by Guillermo del Toro & Mathew Cullen), Wakasa led everything from film development projects, to music videos, to interactive projects, to transmedia projects. Wakasa's multidisciplinary background contributes to his unique cinematic voice. Graphic design arms him with the power of visual metaphors and symbolism. Animation stretches his imagination to blur the lines between the physical, spiritual and psychological. Filmmaking ferments everything into a form that emotionally resonates with people.

Friday, February 2, 2018 at 12:15pm


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