KaleidoLA Speaker Series 6.0: Ben Vance, Co-Founder, FLOAT.LAND


A computer science graduate with a complementary degree in fine art, Ben has an extensive history fusing art, design, and tech.  He is best known for his award-winning VR experience, Irrational Exhuberance: Prologue, a singular dream of deep space that blends travel, psychology, art, and game design.  Along with Kate Parsons, Ben discovered meditative spatial illusions via their piece Liminal Realities and formed FLOAT to expand experiential art and technology.  FLOAT is spearheading intuitive, surprising work through internal and external collaborations across the art, music, and new media landscapes with an ever-growing cohort.  In addition to FLOAT, Ben runs Buffalo Vision, a games-and-consultancy company with a proven track record.  Buffalo Vision’s work can be seen in Wevr’s unmistakable TheBlu and 17-BIT’s iconoclastic arcade-strategy title, Skulls of the Shogun.  Previously, he contributed design and tech on a top-secret Steven Spielberg project at Electronic Arts.  His mission is to expand the practice, expression, and cultural experience of interactive games and media to change expectations of technology and through this, ourselves. Web: FLOAT.LAND / Instagram: instagram.com/float.land

KaleidoLA: The Speaker Series of the Department of Art & Art History

The speaker series provides a context to explore a ‘kaleidoscopic’ range of interdisciplinary and intersecting experiences in the art world.  Drawn primarily from Los Angeles arts professionals, the speaker series features presentations and workshops by a spectrum of emerging and veteran practitioners, as well as, recent alumni from LMU’s art and art history program. 

The series is free and open to the university and the public. 

Friday, February 22, 2019 at 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Murphy Recital Hall
1955 Ignatian Circle, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA

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