KaleidoLA Speaker Series 6.0: DR. ROBERT L. BROWN, Professor of Art History (UCLA)

DR. ROBERT L. BROWN, Professor of Art History (UCLA) & Curator of Southeast Asian Art (LACMA).

LACMA’s ‘The Jeweled Isle:  Art from Sri Lanka’:  The Search for an Art Exhibition.”

Robert Brown is Professor of Indian and Southeast Asian Art at ULCA and Curator of South and Southeast Asian Art at LACMA.  He received his PhD from UCLA.  He studies broadly the art, cultures, and religions of South and Southeast Asia, in particular comparing them and tracing their relationships.  Among his recent publications is Carrying Buddhism:  The Role of Metal Icons in the Spread and Development of Buddhism.  Amsterdam, J Gonda Fund Foundation of the KNAW. 2014 and an On-line Scholarly Catalog:  Catalog of the Southeast Asian Collection at LACMA, launched November 2013. (seasian.catalog.lacma.org)



KaleidoLA: The Speaker Series of the Department of Art & Art History

The speaker series provides a context to explore a ‘kaleidoscopic’ range of interdisciplinary and intersecting experiences in the art world.  Drawn primarily from Los Angeles arts professionals, the speaker series features presentations and workshops by a spectrum of emerging and veteran practitioners, as well as, recent alumni from LMU’s art and art history program. 

The series is free and open to the university and the public. 

Friday, January 25 at 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Murphy Recital Hall
1955 Ignatian Circle, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA

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