A collection of us have been conceptualizing an Abolitionist Law Society here at LLS.  We’re a few students from a variety of backgrounds who have struggled to find a space at law school where conversations around abolition as a legal practice – and a social one – can thrive, and where “that’s the way it is / has always been” is not where imagination ends.  

What are we even talking about?!

We’re interested in talking about abolition as an answer to a culture of carceral punishment across all aspects of daily life – from the criminal punishment system to housing injustice; from victim criminalization to foster care injustice; from gender, racial, and sexual violence to juvenile criminalization; from anti-black racism to white supremacy; from disability justice to the criminalization of the poor, substance users, communities experiencing houselessness, and those living with mental health considerations.  Where does Abolition fit into the movements towards accountability and redefining safety in our communities, through the context of our legal practice.

We need y’all!

Creating an Abolitionist Law Society at Loyola needs all of us– representing a diversity of ability, class, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation – to inform what this abolitionist space should look like, how it should be understood, and what our objectives are. Whether you have experience in abolitionist work or are curious about what abolition is, we ask you to help imagine and create the Abolitionist Law Society at LLS Your voice matters in the collective struggle for abolition and in the formation of Loyola’s Abolitionist Law Society.

Next Steps.

We’re hoping to build that space, for our current (and hopefully future) legal minds here at LLS, and we want to do that alongside the voices of and in collaboration with interested LLS students. We’d love to hear from all of you about what Abolition means to you in your law school experience, your personal life, and the future of your legal career.

We have a few incredible faculty members from the Loyola Anti-Racism Center who have offered to lend their expertise as our faculty advisors, and our next step is to build our core leadership model and outline our goals.  Apparently, this is not a student society that may have ever been attempted at a law school in the US, which is exciting – we can design this HOWEVER WE WANT and build it on grassroots principles of activism, in the model of community-based abolitionist orgs around the world.

When / Where / What

On Friday, February 4th, 2022, at 12:00PM, we’ll have an open meeting to welcome input on the goals and design of the Abolitionist Law Society at Loyola Law School. All are invited, encouraged, and welcome to join the collective construction of this abolitionist space at LLS. We hope to see you there! [Location pending whether we return to campus that week.]

More information / details to come as the date approaches, and in the meantime, if you would like to, please fill out this Google form to give us some individual context to your journey towards an abolitionist practice and to let us know if you’re able to join us on the 28th.

PLEASE – feel free to share with your LLS community. 

Hit us up with any curiosities / questions.


Big love,
Bram, Jasmine, and Virginia
LLS Abolitionist Law Society.


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