Overcoming Communication Anxiety Through Proper Speech Organization

Abstract:  This workshop is designed to introduce Rhetorical Arts instructors to the fundamentals of speech organization and how proper speech structure is the key to overcoming communication apprehension. Whether you call it speech anxiety or communication apprehension a majority of your students experience a genuine fear of public speaking.  This fear can manifest into physical reactions such as sweating and stuttering. Students can forget what they are going to say and feel unprepared.  However, Communication apprehension can be alleviated by proper speech organization and taking the appropriate preparation steps that enable students to experience and deliver effective speeches.  This workshop is designed to be a practical lesson plan that instructors can incorporate into their own courses.  We will start by having a discussion about speech anxiety and how students can overcome it. This will be followed by an extensive introduction to speech structure and proper outlining as well as access to a speech structural template that can be used in any speaking situation.

This workshop is helpful for all instructors teaching Rhetorical Arts, First Year Seminar, and any course with an Oral Flag.

Bio:  Dr. James C. Bunker is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies. He earned his B.A at the University of San Diego, his M.A. at San Jose State University, and completed his doctorate degree at the University of Utah while simultaneously obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution.  Dr. Bunker taught his first speech class over 20 years ago and has experience as both a professional presenter as well as training faculty on how they can integrate rhetoric, argumentation, speech, and writing into their curriculum. He currently teaches courses in argumentation, rhetorical theory, political communication, communication theory, and civic engagement. He also has experience teaching business communication, interviewing, and small group decision-making. He is also a trained writing instructor having taught courses at the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels and he currently teaches the Rhetorical Arts and the First Year Seminar courses in LMU’s core curriculum. 


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Wednesday, January 31 at 11:30am

Center for Teaching Excellence
UNH 3030, 1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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