World Universities Debate Championship - Cape Town

The World Universities Debating Championship is the largest English-speaking debate competition in the world. It gathers some of the world’s greatest minds from tertiary institutions across the globe. Universities and their respective debating unions send teams of speakers and adjudicators to battle in a British Parliamentary style against one another, all to discover who the true champion speakers and judges are.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Cape Town University Cape Town, South Africa


College of Communication & Fine Arts, Communication Studies


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Muhammad sarwar

Muhammad sarwar 5/16/2019

At Christopher Newport University, there was an event took place in Luter Hall, 264. It was especially for Internships Workshop for Business, Economics & Math Majors. It was held on Wednesday 13th February. As the nature if the event already tells that it was an academic sort of event that was most probably for the sake of students at university, who could be able to understand the upcoming opportunities of their fields. People who attended this event said that it was really informative and helping for them and they learned about how to discover and apply for observed learning chances that augment the tutoring for Business, Economics and Math majors. Every single CNU student should contribute at least in 1 internship at the time of their apprentice education. I need to ask about Where will you intern? To get to know more about the details of the event, just check out the official website of the university now.