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Tax Policy Colloquium

The Tax Policy Colloquium at LMU Loyola Law School in Los Angeles convenes the brightest minds in the subject area for regular discussions on emerging issues.

11/2 12pm
Virtual Event
LLS Monday Prayer Gathering

MONDAY PRAYER GATHERING: Father Wayne Negrete, S.J. will be offering a Monday Prayer Gathering. The gatherings will start at 12:05 p.m. and hopefully end by...

11/2 12:05pm
Virtual Event
LLS Wednesday Prayer Gathering

WEDNESDAY PRAYER GATHERING: In place of the weekly Wednesday Mass in the Chapel of the Advocate, Father Wayne Negrete, S.J. will be offering a Wednesday...

11/4 12:05pm
Virtual Event
WSLS Sake Guided Tasting

The tasting is hosted by Tsubaki, a Los Angeles Izakaya, and will feature a guided tasting of select sakes.

11/4 5pm
Virtual Event
How Can We Reform Police Use of Force?

Police use of force has provoked an outpouring of criticism of the police. In particular, racial bias, but also use of force against people with disabilities...

11/9 12pm
Virtual Event
TechTainment 6.0

LAIPLA, in conjunction with Loyola Law School, continues its groundbreaking TechTainment™ program, with TechTainment™ 6.0. TechTainment™ is a unique...

11/17 11:45am
Virtual Event
Western Conference on Tax Exempt Organizations

LMU Loyola Law School will hold its 24th-annual Western Conference on Tax Exempt Organizations (WCTEO) on December 3-4, 2020. WCTEO is one of the nation’s...

Should We Defund the Police?

A core question raised by recent political movements in support of Black Lives is: should the police be delegated so much responsibility for intervening in...

12/7 12pm
Virtual Event